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Phenom 100 Charter Aircraft

With the Phenom 100 charter aircraft from Keystone Aviation, Embraer placed its highest design priorities on cabin comfort, operating efficiency and low acquisition cost. These considerations dictated a clean-sheet design, one that would offer airliner toughness at the lightest possible empty weight.

As a result, many features that are standard equipment aboard more expensive light jets became optional for early aircraft, such as weather radar, TCAS I, DME, a pocket door for lavatory privacy, and sun shades.


  • Refreshment Center

  • Private Lavatory

  • 110v AC Power Outlets

Flight Deck

Range (miles): 1,300
Cruising Speed (mph): 414

The Phenom 100 charter aircraft from Keystone Aviation is a very light twin engine jet. Accommodating four or five passengers and a single pilot, this small private jet is ideal for individuals or small companies.

The Phenom 100 has a range of 1,160 nautical miles and can climb to 37,000 feet in just over 20 minutes. It cruises at 380 knots.

The interior of the Phenom 100 is very well appointed for its size.  Measuring 11 ft long, 4’11’’ high and 5’1’’ wide, it boasts 305 cubic feet of total cabin volume and 55 cubic feet of baggage capacity.

The design of the cabin is comfortable and appealing. Featuring large leather seats that include arm rests, power outlets and fingertip controls, along with wood finishing that is consistent throughout.

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